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IMAP and moving Junk email

Long time user of both Spam Sieve (v 2.6.3), and Entourage 2004 (v 11.3.6) but brand new to IMAP.

I’m just now transferring my 9 email accounts to IMAP. My question is how do you use SpamSieve with IMAP.

From this post it looks like IMAP (at least in Entourage) can not move the Junk emails into the Inbox (On My Computer). Even when I try to manually move them there (by dragging), it just copies them, leaving the original in the IMAP Inbox.

My guess is that the best way to deal with any Spam emails that get through to the IMAP Inboxes is:

  1. Run the Train Spam script (which will mark it and learn it as spam)
  2. Delete the spam.

Is this the recommended process for IMAP accounts?


Entourage will copy the message by default, but it will move it if you hold down the Command key.

Yes, that’s what I recommend (unless, for some reason, you want to save the spam). To be clear, this limitation only applies to Entourage. In Apple Mail, POP and IMAP work exactly the same.

Thanks, Michael, appreciate the response.

I can see going to IMAP, when you’re addicted to SpamSieve, requires a different way of thinking and doing things. But the idea of being able to travel with a laptop and not have to first place the email folder into the Macbook, is very intriguing to me. I’m willing to change the way I handle email for that.

Spam goes to inbox using IMAP
Longtime SpamSieve user with Apple Mail POP. I recently switched my Apple Mail app to IMAP because I bought an iPhone. At the same time I updated to SpamSieve 2.6.4. Now spam is identified (changes color) in my inbox but does not move to the spam folder. This seems to happen mostly after my computer was off. When I open Mail, all spam that was received while the computer was off goes to my inbox. New spam received while the computer is on seems to behave correctly.

I am running PowerBook G4 10.4.10

Any advice, please

Are you able to drag those messages to the Spam mailbox?

Does SpamSieve’s log show that they were predicted as spam?

Do you have any rules in Mail besides the SpamSieve one?

If you open the Console application, are there any error messages from Mail or SpamSieve in the console.log window?