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IMAP, Entourage 2004, delete spam automatically

Dear forum,

how will Entourage 2004 learn to move spam from the IMAP-Junk-folder automatically?
None of the solutions here is working.

My idea: After logging out, spam will delete. At this time I have to do this manually.


Are you asking about moving spam to the Junk E-mail folder or from it (to where)? The Entourage setup instructions show how to make SpamSieve move incoming spam messages to the Junk E-mail folder. To automatically delete messages from the Junk E-mail folder you could create a schedule in Entourage.

Dear Michael,

no, I’m asking to delete spam automatically from the Junk-E-mail folder (IMAP). In my Entourage 2004 I have no opportunity to create a schedule that works with IMAP folders. This was my first idea too. Maybe you know a solution. Deleting POP is no problem - but schedules will not work with IMAP. Am I wrong?


It looks like you’re right. Entourage 2008 also does not support this for IMAP folders. However, you could modify your SpamSieve rule to put the messages in a local folder.

You’re hint might be working. Thank you! I can’t understand why this feature is implemented only for POP - mystic.

Regards and a good time


Edit: It works perfect! :slight_smile: