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IMAP question...

I’m getting ready to switch over to IMAP accounts but I’m a little confused as to how SpamSieve works with them. Do I have to create a spam folder on all of my IMAP accounts for SpamSieve to work or will a Spam folder on my local computer be fine. Does the SpamSieve process erase the spam from the server and copy it into the spam folder on my computer?

Other setups are possible, but the normal one is to have a single local Spam folder. When you receive a message that SpamSieve thinks is spam, it will copy the message into that folder and delete it from the server.

can you describe other setup and how to do this successfully? i set up my spam folder as an imap folder as well and the autofiltering works great if i set my mail rule to that folder… however the “train as spam” menu item seems locked to a local folder. i want that to go to my selected imap spam folder as well. can i do this?

Yes, to make “Train as Spam” put the spam messages in a server-side Spam mailbox, use the Change Settings command to tell it not to use a local mailbox. Then make sure that the IMAP account is first in the list (in Mail’s preferences) and that it has a top-level mailbox named “Spam”.