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Import a mailbox from Apple Mail

MacOS 10.15.4, EagleFiler 1.8.13, Mail 13.4 (3608. all software up to date

If I select a mailbox (has no subfolders) and press the magic key F1, EagleFiler import nothing, and this is strange according to the manual: checking the library I found just Info.plist file and nothing else.

If i select all the mailbox’s messages it goes all fine.

What type of mailbox is this (local, IMAP, smart mailbox, VIP, special merged mailbox, inbox, etc.)?

should be IMAP (gmail)

It sounds like the mailbox that Mail found for EagleFiler did not contain on disk the messages that you expected. Could you please run the attached script in Script Editor with the mailbox selected? This should open the mailbox’s folder in Finder, and I would be interested to know whether it looks like the right folder (same name as what you had selected) and what’s inside the folder.

Reveal Mailbox.scpt.zip (54.9 KB)

I have selected the mailbox then ran the script but there is a problem. I have than looked for advanced tab of Mail’s account preferences but sorry can’t find it.

ehm my default mail app is not Apple Mail but Airmail: could it be significant?

On newer versions of Mail, it’s in Preferences ‣ Accounts ‣ Server Settings ‣ Advanced IMAP Settings.

The capture key will work in Mail even if another mail client is set as the default.

Can this pict help?

For a Gmail account, Mail no longer lets you set the IMAP path prefix directly. Entering [Gmail] in EagleFiler should work.

Done but nothing happens: I’ve added 3 beep at the end of the script as a check.

I’m ok even selecting all the messages in the mailbox, it was just to inform you of this behaviour

If it’s not getting to the end of the script, Script Editor should be reporting an error. You can also choose View ‣ Show Log to see at the bottom of the window what it did.

I missed this point: where have I to enter [Gmail] in EagleFiler?

In the alert that you posted:

ah ok, I did it.