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Import data from Spark?

Hello Michael,

Spark e-mail client from Readdle recently arrived to macOS. I installed it and it is nice e-mail client. Cannot figure out if it even is scriptable though. Would you look at it when you have chance and see how much EF can support import of e-mails? Capability to import e-mails into EF is basically required for my e-mail clients as I just keep filing e-mails in EF libraries. For now I work with Mail.app, but damn, that thing is getting old and obsolete compared to others. Even when extended by various (expensive) extensions (e.g., Mailtags).

No rush… I have little hope.

Thanks a lot!


As far as I can tell, Spark is not scriptable, it has no export feature, and it stores the messages in a proprietary format.

Oh well, I had at just little hope…

Thanks a lot!