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Import from Apple mail - script feature possible?

Hello Michael,

I am very successfully using the script: http://c-command.com/scripts/eaglefiler/import-from-apple-mail

I would really love minor improvement on the script, if it is even possible. My Apple Mail (OSX 10.8) is set to show threads (“Organize by conversation”) by combining mail in and out - so while in my inbox message list I see only list of incoming messages in the thread (let’s say 5 messages coming in), in the viewer widow for messages I see sandwiched in also my own messages going out (the other 4 messages from my outbox).

I’d love to be able to grab the whole conversation (9 messages from example above) - both incoming and outgoing - from the Mail at once. I have not found any convenient way of doing it.

Would you know if it possible to either configure Apple mail (OSX 10.8) or modify the EF script to do this?

On a side note, I this I recall reading from you in one of the Forum messages, that there was plan to make the “Capture From Mail” window folder list collapsible in one of the future releases. As my EF libraries grow, number of folders increases and as I keep organization of stuff using nested folders, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the right folder in the pull down “Destination:” folder listing. I know I need to clean the libraries… Any ETA on this? Still in plans?

Thanks a lot


I think you would need to select all 9 messages. As far as I know, Mail doesn’t make the conversations feature available to scripts.

That’s still planned.

Actually, after lot of Googling I found solution:
>- Create a smart mail box showing that contains messages showing ANY of the following:
>Message is in Mailbox INBOX
>Message is in Mailbox SENT
>- Label this smart mailbox (e.g.) Conversations
>- in Preferences / Viewing turn on Include Related Messages
>- Drag the smart mailbox Conversations to the lower portion of the toolbar in any location you want. If you put it first then CMD-1 will be it’s shortcut.

Now when I do import to EF I get both Inbox & Sent messages for the coversation. I have to join them manually afterwards, but this works.

Now, can the script be easily modified to merge all imported mailboxes on import? One can imagine that the messages may be even in more mailboxes thank just Inbox and Sent…

It sounds like this boils down to what I said: selecting the messages that you want to import.

That’s not currently possible, but it’s a feature I’d like to add.