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import from Entourage crashes...

I like the programme & have begun to archive my rather large entourage (version 12.2.1) database and during export Entourage repeatedly crashes and then EagleFiler (version 1.4.7) hangs and I have to force quit.
I’m using Mac OS 10.5.8.
this is getting incredibly frustrating, as I’m having to export emails 20 or so at a time…
I know you’re not responsible for Microsoft, but any help/tips would be greatly appreciated as I’m going nuts…
Joe Lafferty

Are you importing from Entourage via EagleFiler’s capture key?

Have you tried rebuilding Entourage’s database?

Could you e-mail me the latest Entourage crash log from the folder:



Thanks for very speedy reply!
I’ve rebuilt the Entourage database a month or so ago as I had some problems, but not done it recently. I’ll email you a crash report - if I can’t find one, it will be pretty easy to generate one!
I’ll be in touch soon.

I received your Microsoft error log, and it definitely looks like the problem is in Entourage, but do you have the Apple crash log from the folder that I indicated?

The screenshots that you attached show that EagleFiler did not crash. It simply displayed the error 4363 that Entourage reported to it.

crash log
Hi, thanks for quick reply…
I can’t see any entourage or EagleFiler crash files in the location you mention - can you help me with the file name, or something of what should be in the file name?

The filenames should begin with “Entourage” or “EagleFiler”. I suppose it’s possible that Entourage suppressed the OS’s built-in crash log generation, and EagleFiler didn’t crash, so perhaps it’s normal for there to be no relevant crash logs there.

thanks for help.
I rebuilt the entourage database, rebooted the mac, then exported all my emails… worked a treat!
only problem now is I have a lot of duplicates from partially imported folders, i’ve merged these, but the duplicates remain.
How do I remove these? should i start another thread?

It would be best to not merge (or undo the merge) when you know that you have duplicates. Then you could simply delete the partial mailboxes and keep the full ones. There is currently no good way to remove duplicate messages from within EagleFiler.

By the way, you shouldn’t be using Entourage’s Export feature. It’s much better to select the relevant messages and then press EagleFiler’s capture key.

Thanks Michael,
i actually used the capture key - which worked a treat!
i’m a bit stuck now with the duplicates as i merged A LOT of mailboxes!
I’ll wait until some form of duplicate removal is created as part of the application as it would take me ages to sort manually.

Please try the new Remove Duplicate Messages script.