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Import from Mail.app broken now

Hello Michael,

I use MailSuite to add better Tagging into Mail and they just released new version 2022.0. I upgraded and now F1 capture from mail does not work. I get in Errors: Could not import message, and “EagleFiler encountered the error “ParseError: invalid offset or property list” while importing “30703.emlx”. This message may be damaged. EagleFiler will skip it and continue importing the other messages in the mailbox.”
This worked perfectly fine until MailTags upgrade, so I suspect they “improved” something and broke EF capture method. Is this something you can fix, please? I will report to them also, just not sure if that will help.

Does this happen for more than one message? SmallCubed says they haven’t changed anything here, and I’m not seeing this problem on my Mac with the new version of MailTags. It sounds to me like maybe the .emlx file is damaged for other reasons. If you can send me that file I can take a look and see if it provides any clues.

Which version of macOS are you using? After some more testing, I was able to reproduce the problem with some messages on Ventura when MailTags was installed but not when it wasn’t. However, since it’s an intermittent problem, I’m not 100% sure it’s related to MailTags. For me, what triggered it was moving messages into an IMAP mailbox from another Mac.

I am on Monterey. I restarted computer, MailTags requested upgrade and since then, every message - I have tried may be 20 - had this same issue. Restarting Mail.app did not help…
Yesterday evening I updated Monterey to 12.6.1 and now it seems to work again. Let’s call it a fluke and I will get back to you if it reappears. It was really surprising.

OK, thanks for the follow-up. If you’re seeing what I was seeing, I should be able to improve EagleFiler’s error recovery so that in such cases it can import the message and only skip the flags if they are missing from the file.

I’ve confirmed with the MailTags developer that there was a bug that could cause an invalid message file to be written. My guess is that this is what led to the EagleFiler error that you saw.

Yes, they seemed to fix it in their beta and now in current release. Thanks for looking into this!