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import means always duplicates?

hi, i am new to this application which seems to be great and i have one question (not sure if treated yet, didn’t find it so far):

is it correct that importing means always duplicating the original files? is it meant to have this instead of the originals in a new place on my harddrive? because otherwise i would have problems with huge projects using too much space…?

i hope you can understand my poor english, sorry…!

Importing and duplicating

maybe this answers your question:

Save files or folders into the To Import folder that’s next to the .eflibrary file in the Finder. When the library is opened (and, periodically, while it’s open) EagleFiler checks this folder, imports any files that are in it, and then deletes them. If you use a scanner, you can set its software to use the To Import folder as its output folder, thus automatically importing the scans into your library.

(EF Manual, p. 14)

ok, i understand this. but to organize my older projects which are stored yet in folders on my computer i will have to import them into EF, right? so automatically there will be stored the same number of files in a chosen place in the new library (duplicates). that means one would have everything twice.

I’m not sure, but couldn’t you just move the entire folder structure over to the Import folder?

sure, i could do this. but this means to reorganize all of my workspace and that’s not what i want at the moment (lack of time). thank you anyway…

Yes, that’s correct. In most cases I think you’d want to manually delete the originals after importing. EagleFiler could do this automatically, but instead it chooses to be consistent with the iTunes/iPhoto model where “import” means “copy into the library.”