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Import of Address Book and iCal backups renames files


When i add both an Address Book and iCal backup files (.ABBU and .ICBU) the name gets changed to -1 or -2 and shows up as a folder with contents inside it. I guess the type is getting stripped or something. Anyone have an idea how to workaround or if I am doing something wrong. For now I am making an archive of file, but it is a bit of extra hassle.

PS I am a paying customer finally! I tried Yojimbo again, just to be anally thorough, and it really doesn’t have close to great features that EF does.

This is due to a bug that manifests itself when you use the capture key from the Finder on a document that’s a package (a folder that the OS treats as a document). If you import the packages using drag and drop (or use the capture key on a folder containing them) it should work.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.3.