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import questions


i’m completely new to eaglefiler. i bought it yesterday after considering and trying the other similar programs, because i think it will suit my needs – and so far – great program.

i do have 2 questions at the moment.

  1. i set up a library for importing email. the import works well, and i’ve emptied quite a number of mail.app boxes. i’m wondering though, what happens when i have new mail in those boxes and want to import it? does eagle filer let me incorporate the new mail into the existing eaglefiler/mailbox or do i have to start a new mailbox?

  2. just for fun, i imported an movie in avi. while the movie imported (and fairly quickly too), i noticed that the sound was gone. i double checked the original file, and it had sound. is this regular behavior?

i do have to say that i am enjoying eaglefiler so far and finding it very helpful.

When you import additional messages they will be saved in a new mailbox. If you wish to incorporate them into an existing mailbox, you can select the new mailbox and the old one and choose Merge Mailboxes.

The regular behavior is that the video and sound play the same way in EagleFiler as in QuickTime Player. There are some movies for which QuickTime can’t play the sound, even though other players such as VLC can.

oh – ok thanks. that’s simple enough – i missed that in the manual.
also, i was playing the movie back through vlc – so that explains things – great!.

and thank you for responding so quickly!

Oh, and just to be clear: you can still use VLC to play a movie that’s in your EagleFiler library. You can:

  • Drag and drop it onto VLC, or
  • Use the Finder’s Get Info window to set VLC as the default application for that file (or all files of that type). Then, double-clicking the file in the EagleFiler window will open it with VLC.