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Import regex [noob]


Just installed. So far, so good …

I have a bunch of regex’s in two exported .txt files from the anti spam app I’ve used for several years - Hendrickson Software Components’ “Purify”. One file is from the blacklist, the other from whitelist.

Is there any way of bulk importing these into SS?



There’s no built-in way, but you could write an AppleScript that reads the file and creates new blocklist/whitelist rules in SpamSieve.

Thanks, Michael. That sounds great in theory. But there are many large gaps in my geekery, and AS is certainly one of them. I wouldn’t know where to start. You wouldn’t be able to give me some existing code to start me off, perchance … ?

Could you post a small sample of the format of your export file?

Thanks, Michael. Sample attached.

In case you want to send me something directly, my address is ‘lance [at] glenbaron [dot] com’

wlist_smpl.txt (299 Bytes)

Are these regexes intended to match the body of the message? Or the subject?

That’s a good question. I think I’ve always assumed it was ‘both-and’. But that may be wrong. It’s definitely the body of the message, at least.


Just wondering whether you’ve had a chance to check further on this?

Busy week. I just had a chance to write the Import Blocklist Regex Rules script.

Michael - you’re a legend! :smiley:

Worked like a dream - and even a noob like me can substitute “White” for “Block” and get the right result with the whitelist too.

Always good to deal with a responsive developer …