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Import Rules

Have you considered adding an import rules feature? It would be cool if I could automatically file/tag things based on information such as the filename, type, source application, content, etc.

Another example would be to set up a temporary tag. Say I’m doing some research on a particular subject. I could go into EF, create a new tag for the topic, and somehow specify that all new items be tagged with the new tag. Once I’m done, I can just turn it off. I realize I can get part way there by using ‘capture with options’, but that requires an additional confirmation. I really like just being able to hit F2 and keep going.

Yes, several people have requested this, and I’m considering it.

One thing you could do is keep the root folder of your library empty. Then all the newly captured documents will go into Unfiled, and you can move/tag them all at once when you’re done.