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Import to specific folder via Scan Snap

I’ve added EagleFiler to the options for what to do with a scan after it has been scanned with xi500. If I select the EagleFiler icon to save the document it gets filed in the open EF library, but goes into the Records with a long number title. Any way to get the document saved this way but to a designated folder in EF?

Many thanks.*

Instead of choosing an application (EagleFiler) in the ScanSnap settings, you can choose any subfolder of the Files folder. EagleFiler will then auto-import the files when it does a Scan for New Files.

See also: Importing From a Scanner.

Thank you!


You are amazing! On the few occasions when I’ve sent you an email or a message in the forum, the speed with which you respond is wonderful. The advice is always good and succinct. And you never seem to lose patience.

Many thanks and thanks for the fabulous software.