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import without 'unread' tag


I just downloaded EagleFiler to see, if it fits my new ‘paperless’ new year’s pledge :slight_smile:

For that I just imported some stuff from my archives (mostly pdfs, but anything else in between as well). Everything worked fine so far, but what I couldn’t figure out is how to stop EagleFiler to tag the imported docs with an ‘unread’ tag…

Any info?


BTW: I have a couple of comments/requests on EagleFiler. Do you, Michael, want me to put all of this into one post, or one post per topic or whatever?

You can do this with the MarkNewRecordsAsUnread esoteric preference.

Thanks for asking. I prefer one post per topic, as I think it makes it easier to follow the discussion (and also to search).

Hi Michael,

cool - I like these ‘esoteric preferences’ :slight_smile:

If I was unsure about buying EagleFiler, that made me sure I will do it right now (the most significant issue that led me to think about buying was the UI. Please forgive me, but I really prefer e.g the Together UI - but I think, that could change eventually :wink: (If you need help with this, please let me know)

thx for this fast reply


Feature requests?
Ah… one more thing: Is there something like a feature request database for EagleFiler? Or am I supposed to post those requests to the forum?

I have lots of changes and refinements planned for the EagleFiler user interface, but if there are particular things you would like to see, please tell me so that I can be sure to take them into consideration.

I have an internal database, but it’s not accessible to the public. It’s best to submit bug reports and feature requests via e-mail because that ensures that they go into the database for tracking, prioritization, etc. I see the forum more as a place for questions and open-ended discussion of how to use EagleFiler and directions for future versions. (Tech support questions are also welcome via e-mail, of course.)