Imported emails end up with wrong date

Hi, just trying out EagleFiler. I’ve successfully imported a bunch of old email from A small percentage of the thousands of imported messages show a date of Dec. 31, 1969 at 7PM (i.e. the UNIX epoch) both in the record list and the record viewer. The email messages that this occurred on seemed have been sent with no “Date:” header. didn’t seem to have an issue with these messages, perhaps because they have the date embeeded in the “From …” line. Perhaps parses that if no Date: header exists.

Could EagleFiler be persuaded to do the same? I tried manually editing the date in the record viewer, and the info pane, but EF wouldn’t let me do either. I have a few dozen messages like this that I would like to fix; any other suggestions?


I think Mail is getting it from one of the Received headers, and that’s my plan for a future version of EagleFiler.

I tried manually editing the date in the record viewer, and the info pane, but EF wouldn’t let me do either.[/QUOTE]

Right, EagleFiler won’t let you override the date for e-mails, only for regular files.

Thanks Michael. In the meantime, is there any way (Applescript?) to do this myself, i.e. pull the Date info out of one of the other headers and set the created date appropriately (or add the missing “Date:” header, or whatever makes the most sense)?

Although I’m a software developer, I find Applescript a bit obtuse, so a pointer to an existing script or some snippets to get me started would be super helpful.


No, there’s no way to set the date. You could add the missing Date: header with AppleScript, but it’s tricky to do properly. Don’t waste your time, as I plan to address this soon.

Okay, great; thanks Micheal :slight_smile:

Please check out EagleFiler 1.8.6b1.

Hi, with 1.8.6b1 the emails with the missing Date: header now show a Date: in the message, but unfortunately that date is December 31, 1969 at 7:00:00 PM EST, and the Date Modified value retains that same value.

In order for the change to take effect for previously imported mailboxes, you’ll need to Show Package Contents on the .eflibrary file in Finder and delete the .efmailtoc files in the Indexes folder. If you are still not getting the right dates, please export a few of the messages and send the files to me for testing.

Excellent; that fixed it!

Thanks so much for the super-quick response. Think I’ll be purchasing a license today :slight_smile: