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Importing Apple Mail at scale

Hi Folks, I’m new to the forum - and to EagleFiler - and would welcome some advice please to shape my approach to getting started with EagleFiler. I have multiple email accounts within the Apple Mail client. There are two work-related MS Exchange accounts, a personal MS Exchange account and an iCloud account. My personal Exchange account, for example, has 62,937 messages and the mail data is many gigabytes in size. I’m looking to move messages out of Apple Mail and into EagleFiler in bulk, so that Apple Mail becomes less congested. I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to achieve that. I’ve hit the F1 key after selecting mailboxes but this doesn’t seem to work. If I choose some individual emails, I note that they appear in EagleFiler only quite slowly, so I’m concerned that moving as many emails as I’m interested to do is going to take an untenably long time. So my questions are please: 1. How long would you expect EagleFiler to need to import, say, 1 GB of email from Apple Mail on a Macbook Pro? and 2. For a “bulk” import of this kind, what would be the import method you would choose (EagleFiler seems to have a number of import method options). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


I’m not aware of any problems with that feature. Did you leave the mailbox selected while EagleFiler’s Dock icon showed that it was busy? Did it import anything or report an error? Did you have any messages selected? Generally, I would recommend that you use Select All to select all the messages that you want to import, as this will work with any type of mailbox in Apple Mail. If you select only a “special” mailbox in Mail, it won’t be able to tell EagleFiler which messages are contained, and EagleFiler will report an error.

How long did it take? I find that capturing individual messages takes 2–3 seconds on my 2017 iMac for the message to appear in the EagleFiler window. There is less overhead for larger imports, e.g. 1,600 messages in a single mailbox took 12 seconds. I don’t have 63K messages in Apple Mail at the moment, but capturing 15K across 39 mailboxes took 3 minutes and 42 seconds. I find that EagleFiler is faster at importing from Mail than Mail is at importing from files on disk.

I recommend importing using the capture key, as this makes it easy to complete the “move” by deleting the selected messages after the import has finished. However, if speed is a big concern it will be faster if you drag and drop Mail’s folder from the Finder, as that way EagleFiler can just read the files on disk without having to ask Mail which messages to import.