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Importing by dropping on a smart folder in EF?


I have a “To Read” smart folder that selects records with this tag, and when dropping on it assign the tag and move the record to a “tmp” folder. I have tried importing files by dropping them on this smart folder, but it does not seem to work (I only find them in the “Unfiled” smart folder). Should/could it be supported?



Currently, EagleFiler does not support importing into a smart folder. If you look closely, you’ll see that the Records source is highlighted when you are about to drop. You would need to first import the files and then drop them onto the smart folder to have it apply its actions. I’d like to add support for direct importing in a future release.

If I can dream for a bit, I’d love some unintrusive version of the drop pad (that hides on the side of the screen, so it’s always accessible yet not visible) with configurable areas that would have actions like smart folders have.