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importing del.icio.us links directly to EF?

anyone written a script they’d care to share for either grabbing links from their del.icio.us account or pulling them out of an exported file and saving the ones that are non 404s as webarchives in EagleFiler?

If not, I may take a crack at it.

del.icio.us importing and workflows
Did you end up taking a crack at this?

I have two related things I’m tinkering with:

  1. Archive social bookmarks:

Turn 1500+ del.icio.us bookmarks into webarchives - this would ideally mean getting Title, Tags, Description and URL into the corresponding EagleFiler fields (rather than throwing everything but the URL away).

  1. Tag-and-title ONCE workflow

The other is to create a workflow for adding a new page to del.icio.us+EagleFiler - tag-and-title once. I can think of two ways of doing this - one would be some kind of EageFiler plugin - add the page to EagleFiler, title-tag-describe, then launch a del.icio.us bookmarklet or launch Pukka and have EagleFiler fill in the fields before submit. But my sense is that EagleFiler is really supposed to be a repository - the end point. Here’s the second, perhaps better idea: first tag in Pukka (or whatever), then carry the Pukka form directly into EagleFiler without having to re-enter data.

I’m no applescript guru, but it seems like that could be done in two ways - either writing a capture script for Pukka and pressing F1 before submitting the form to del.icio.us, or writing an applescript that calls Pukka, then listens for submit and continues on to call EagleFiler.

My starting point examples are the applescript SafariToPukkaAndYojimbo from the Yojimbo mailing list - the idea being to rewrite it as SafariToPukkaAndEagleFiler (I’d also probably take out the Growl, but that’s just me) - and the updated Yojimbo-EagleFiler migration script

Draft delicious workflow for Pukka+EagleFiler
Draft delicious workflow for Pukka+EagleFiler

The only thing that isn’t working is the title…

Pre: Assumes you have a del.icio.us account and have installed and setup Pukka. I tested this using Safari.

Installation: As per Writing Capture Scripts: Install the following capture script (which I wrote by guesswork), here: ~/Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/Capture Scripts/net.codesorcery.Pukka.scpt. After you have installed the capture script, restart EagleFiler.

on capture()
tell application “Pukka”
set theResult to {}
set theTitle to post title
set theURL to post url
set theTags to post tags
set theNote to post description
set theDict to {title:theTitle, |url|:theURL, tags:theTags, |note|:theNote}
copy theDict to end of theResult
return theResult
end tell
end capture


  1. Launch Pukka from any Safari web page - give the site a title, tags, and a description

  2. Push F1 (or your EagleFiler capture hotkey) - after a few moments the bookmark with tags and notes should appear in Eagle Filer as a webarchive.

  3. While still in Pukka, hit enter to add the same information to del.icio.us.


Everything works except the title information, which EagleFiler ignores and derives straight from the HTML title tag. I’ve double-checked both Applescript dictionaries and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong - any suggestions appreciated.

WebnoteHappy or Cocoalicious as del.icio.us-EagleFiler importer
To answer the second half of the question that started this thread: it looks like you can import a bunch of delicious bookmarks into EagleFiler using either WebnoteHappy or Cocoalicious as a bridge.


I tested importing three selected items from WebnoteHappy using F1, and they worked great (tags and comments preserved, although titles reverted to html TITLE tags instead of WebnoteHappy title field - perhaps that is a fundamental problem in EagleFiler import?). Still, it looks like you could run dead.licious to clean up your bookmarks and then highlight them all in WebnoteHappy, hit “go” and be missing nothing but your custom titles.


For the thrifty, I also tried Cocoalicious, which is free and fun to use. The problem however is that, while the script appears to support multiple selected items, the actual Cocoalicious user interface doesn’t support selecting more than one item at a time. Unless I’m missing something, that means that you’ll need to import one-at-a-time… slowly. Also, it looks like tags and comments aren’t imported by the script, so there isn’t much point to it even then unless the capture script is rewritten.

At present, EagleFiler’s capture feature does not support setting the titles of the imported records. I’m working to address this.

EagleFiler 1.2 includes a new capture script for Cocoalicious that preserves the tags and extended description.

This is addressed in EagleFiler 1.2.1.

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I’m looking for a way to have an integrated workflow for adding web pages to both delicious and Eaglefiler. I’ve found that Eaglefiler works with Pukka. But since I’m also adding bookmarks to Delicious from my mobile phones, I wonder if I somehow could have Eaglefiler parse a RSS feed from Delicious, and importing all new bookmarks.

If not, consider it a feature request :slight_smile:

Thoresson, for del.icio.us updates, you can do this in two ways that I know of. There may be other ways that the developer knows about.

One is to use the third party application WebNoteHappy as I specified above – it has a sync/update feature, so it serves as your RSS reader. Highlight the latest links and batch-capture from it periodically, and any duplicates will be supressed.

The other approach would be to write your own AppleScript that takes the RSS feed items and loops through them, running an EagleFiler import block each time. Given that you probably don’t want to try to write a full RSS parser in AppleScript, you’d probably do this by scripting some other RSS parser application to do the heavy lifting – for example Vienna or WebNoteHappy. To fully automate, add the AppleScript as an iCal recurring event.

I’ve added this as a feature request. Currently, I think the easiest way to import the bookmarks would be to use EagleFiler’s capture key with one of the Delicious client applications.

I’ve been thinking a little bit more about this. If possible, even better yet would be if you could enter any RSS feed url and have EagleFiler create an entry for each item in the feed. I understand there are a lot of things to consider, like the differences between a feed from Delicious and an ordinary blog for one. But I think it would be a killer.

I’ll give WebNoteHappy a go in the meantime. :slight_smile: