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Importing Email Problems

I want to import an exchange folder into EF. However, when I use F1 I get the message “An error occurred when capturing from Microsoft Outlook: Make sure that you have selected some messages.” I get the same result when trying to capture from Mail. Drag and Drop does not work in either program. Importing individual messages works but this folder has over 5,000 emails in it.

What am I doing wrong?



In both cases, capturing the messages should work if you have the main (three-paned) mail program window frontmost, with some messages selected in the list. If you still can’t get it to work, please post (or e-mail) a screenshot showing what everything looks like right before you press F1. Also, please specify which versions of Mac OS X, EagleFiler, and the mail programs you’re using. Thanks!

Ah, I have figured it out. I was selecting the folder in the folder sidebar and then pressing F1. I thought that if I selected all the messages in the folder they would be placed in EF as individual messages. Thanks.

One strange thing. Mail says there are 5472 messages in the folder, EF says there are 5477 and Outlook says there are 5478. Any idea what is going on?
(OS X 10.8.4, EF 1.6, Mail & Outlook)

Apple Mail hides messages that are approximate duplicates, e.g. the message content may be the same but the headers are different. EagleFiler skips importing messages that are exact duplicates (every detail of the messages matches). So that could explain why those numbers are lower than Outlook shows. If you wanted to import every message from Outlook (including duplicates), you drag and drop the folder to the Finder and then drag the file that’s created into EagleFiler; then you should see 5478.

Makes sense. Much thanks, Mark