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Importing files from Yep (spotlight comments, title vs filename)

Eagle Filer is slowly filling all my needs for a nice reference storage system, and I’m thinking of importing the files I have in Yep into it. What I would like is not lose the tags that have been input in Yep. Fortunately, they are also present as spotlight comments.

I just tried capturing such a document, and I found two issues:

  • the spotlight comments seem to be ignored: they are not interpreted as tags, nor are present in the “notes” field;
  • I don’t know where the title of the document comes from, it’s unfortunately different from the meaningful file name I had.

I guess importing from Yep could be done using some Applescript, by setting the tags to the spotlight comments and the title to the file name without its extension, but I have no idea as how to do it. If a kind soul could point me toward the right direction, I would really like it.

Thanks a lot for this great app.

Yep itself is not scriptable enough to support capture or accessing the tags. However, here is an improved capture script for the Finder so that if you select a file from Yep (in the “Yep Documents” folder) it will let you import the Spotlight comments as tags or notes. To install it, download this file, unzip it, put it in the folder:

~/Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/Capture Scripts/

(you may have to create that folder), and then re-launch EagleFiler.

The title of a PDF document in EagleFiler comes from the title that’s set in the PDF’s metadata. You can change the title by clicking on it in the records list. Unfortunately, there is no way at present to automatically change the titles to match the file names.

Thank you very much for this script. I had a quick look at it and at Eagle Filer AppleScript dictionary, and it seems that there is no way to set the title at import time (the same way you set the tags or the note). Well, I don’t have that many yet, so I’ll be able to change them manually.

Thanks again.

That’s correct. It’s on my to-do list.

EagleFiler 1.4 can import tags and notes from the Spotlight comments.