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importing files

I’m new to EagleFiler, please excuse me if I ask something that is basic. My question is about importing files into EagleFiler. I have a folder that is called “Software&SerialNumbers”. Within that folder is 215 seperate pieces of software with purchase info and serial numbers. I highlite the individual records within the folder and do a “F1”. EagleFiler imports the folder and it’s contents and lists as “Software&SerialNumbers”. Is there a way for EagleFiler to import each record separately instead of the master folder with the records inside?

It sounds like you are importing e-mail messages, so please see the Importing Mail section of the manual. In short, if you import a bunch of messages that are all in the same mailbox, EagleFiler will create a mailbox file with those messages. If you prefer to have a separate file for each message, you can drag the messages out of the mailbox.