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Importing folder structure from Journler

Is there an existing solution for preserving the “regular” folder structure when capturing from Journler?

I don’t think so. You can use the capture key to preserve just about everything but the folder structure, though, so it might be easier to make several passes using capture with options to import in particular folders, than to try to make a fully automated solution.


Does it make sense for capture with options to offer, instead of the first folder under Records, the folder the user has currently selected in the source list? I see that typing letters does navigate to the desired folder, but doing the above would further simplify the process generally.

(I have a few hundred folders and over 3600 files in this journal, so this would be a big help.)

I may add a button for doing that, but I’m happy with the current design of having Capture With Options remember the last folder that you captured into.

Sorry, I see I was mistaken regarding the current behavior of the menu. I think it will work fairly well, even with the 200+ folders.

By any chance, is there a shortcut for accessing that menu in the dialog?

Yes, it’s Command-2.