Importing from apple mail: no attachments and no errors

Hi…just starting to evaluate EagleFiler…mostly interested in using it to archive email.

I’ve selected a folder in Apple Mail and hit fn-F1: the folder imports without errors. But there are no attachments.

Per instructions I then opened one of the messages in Apple Mail and made sure the attachments were downloaded.

I then tried reimporting: nothing happened.

So then I deleted the folder and messages from EagleFiler and imported again.

The messages all downloaded but still no attachments.

I then tried importing just one email with attachments: no attachments came in.

What does the # column for the message say? If you double-click the message in EagleFiler to open it in Apple Mail, do you see the attachments there?

This is probably because you had it set to skip duplicates.

Thanks, Michael,

The number column shows 5. When I double-click it opens the message in Mail and I see all the attachments (4 photos and 1 PDF).

I just tried hitting the space bar to Quick Look the message and in the Quick Look window I see the attachments.

Perhaps the above means that the attachments have been imported and I’m getting used to how Eagle Filer works.

It sounds like EagleFiler did import all the attachments. You can either view them by opening the message in Mail, by using View ‣ Message ‣ Use Quick Look, or by opening the separate Quick Look window.