Importing from Evernote Legacy

I’d like some help importing from Evernote Legacy.
I’ve scanned the forum and don’t see issues like the one I’m having addressed.

First: Some authors ("From in EF) are not coming over to EF. This has affected only a minority of imports. It may be a coincidence, but it seems more common when I try importing a few (rather than hundreds) of notes.

Second: I can’t import large numbers of notes at once at all. I’ve been able to move 3000 notes from one EN notebook into one EF library. But EF has choked when I’ve tried to move 8000 or 27,000 EN notes either by importing enex files or through direct capture.

I really want to get out of Evernote, and EF looks perfect for me, so I would appreciate any help!

Thanks, jb

Is there a small .enex file with a missing author that you could share (via e-mail) so that we can investigate this?

I haven’t seen that before, so I don’t know what you mean by “choked.” Are you getting an error? Could you describe this in more detail or share the .enex file in case there’s a particular note in there that’s the trigger?

By “choked” I meant that after waiting about 10 hours, I didn’t see the files in my EF window in the corresponding library. There was a folder labeled “Articles” (the name of my Evernote notebook) but when I clicked on it, I just got the spinning wheel of doom that didn’t stop (and that made EF unusable – I had to force quit). There was no error message.
Is there a practical limit to the number notes I can import at once?

I will send a .enex file through email to support.
Thanks so much for your help. EF looks terrific, and I hope I can iron all this out…

I just sent the whole notebook .enex file.
It’s large – Hopefully it’ll go through with mail drop.
Let me know if you don’t get it.


You can watch the import process from the Activity window. That will let you see whether it thinks it finished importing or not.

If you get the spinning beachball, please record a sample log so we can see why it’s stuck.

No, it should only be limited by the disk space your Mac.

I’m glad to hear that you were able to import the 27,684 notes from Evernote. It’s unclear why the attachment e-mails aren’t getting through. If you click on my name in the forum there is a button to create a private message and attach the file that way. Then I can look at what’s happening with the From fields.

It looks like my problem importing into EF derived from my use of an “old” Mac running OS 10 – which I needed to use since the latest Mac OS doesn’t support Evernote Legacy. It took a while, after I moved the .enex file into a computer running Mac OS 14, EF imported almost 28,000 Evernote notes successfully. (There wasn’t any email trouble – I’m not sure how I left that impression…)

There was a problem, though. EF didn’t always import to “From” from the “Author” field in Evernote. For PDFs, it took the author from the pdf metadata. In an email, Michael Tsai (who has been very responsive in all this) has said he’ll look into making it possible to import the Evernote author field.

I mean that you referred to sending me several e-mails with .enex attachments, and I never received them.

I think this is fixed in EagleFiler 1.9.13b2.

I just noticed that after my import from Evernote, the tag hierarchy was lost. Is there any easy fix to this?

A previous thread about tag hierarchy noted that in EF, it is just like in the Finder, but gave no other instruction about that. Is there a good place to learn about organizing tags in the Finder? The basic Mac support page doesn’t help much.

No, I don’t think Evernote includes that information in its export.

You can drag and drop within EagleFiler’s sidebar to recreate the tag hierarchy.

I think you must have misinterpreted because Finder does not support hierarchical tags.