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Importing from Evernote

Hi, I’ve just downloaded Eaglefiler. Is there any easy way to import my notes from Evernote? Thanks

Right now, the Mac version of Evernote can only export to a proprietary .enex file format. I guess the best current way to get your data out would be to print the notes and choose “Save PDF to EagleFiler.” Or, I suppose, you could save a Web archive from Safari.

The Windows version has some kind of HTML export feature, so hopefully they’ll add that to the Mac version.

evernote api
As Evernote launched API and support of scripting in mac, there may be a good method to import entries in evernote to other softwares including EagleFiler.

The Mac scripting support is limited to exporting in their XML format.

Is there an update to this topic?
I am still wondering if there is a way to easily import EN notes or somehow integrate with Evernote.



It looks like Evernote now has a feature to export in HTML format. I was unable to test this because on my Mac Evernote beachballs as soon as I launch it.

There is a great potential here - EverNotes to EagleFiler

Odd - a reinstallation may be in order :slight_smile: I am glad to see that you are looking into capturing EN notes in EF. I think that the potential is enormous, and with some esoteric functionality you can make EF nigh indispensable for EN users. Let me explain - if there existed a perfect software product out there, it would have EF’s organizational capabilities (searching, tags, smart folders - the way you have it all working together). Tagging is crucial for me and many EN users - that’s the only way I can keep track of the diverse structure that applies to the data I interact with/generate. I tag heavily in both EN and EF, and if, once a note has been tagged in EN, the note could be captured in EF along with its tags, I will be infinitely closer to the organizational nirvana I seek.

Fact is, EN has an object library, if that is the term, that is accessible via AppleScript. I can look at at a note, and get a great deal of information about it:

  • Note URL
  • Tags for this specific note
  • The notebook in which the Note resides
  • Note title
  • Note text

If your capturing mechanism could get this information about the note, and if settings within EF in regarding to capturing from EN could be configured to transfer the tags from EN to EF (with maybe a choice to create new tags in EF if there isn’t a match), then all of a sudden the sizable Mac EN user community will have an extremely powerful tool for organizing their notes.

EF will have a very snug spot in the EN trunk, which would provide excellent exposure for the product.

I will be more than delighted to help with any testing of such an integration if you chose to tackle it.


I did a complete reinstall on my main Mac, but it still isn’t working. I can run it in a clean VMware, though.

Currently, it looks like the main issue is that a single Evernote note can have HTML content plus multiple attachments. Maybe these should be imported as separate EagleFiler records (with the same tags)…

Great, thanks. I’ll send you an e-mail when I have something to test.

That could be a solution


If importing multiple attachments as separate records would make the implementation of the script easier, and make it available sooner rather than later, I would absolutely go that way. I think (guess) that there are still overwhelmingly more text notes than notes with attachments out there, and the majority of users will not even be aware of the issue. And if you can apply the same tag(s) (and maybe even create a special tag/relationship between the note EF record and the attachments EF record(s)) to the attachments, you will create much good.


With EagleFiler 1.6, you can import from Evernote by selecting some items and pressing the capture key.