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Importing IMAP mail


I’ve read in the manual that importing IMAP mail is not currently supported. However looking at the Library files I can see the folder structure of the IMAP account replicated with a bunch of emlx files that seem to be the emails (I set up Mail to cache everything). Could I import those directly?

Another possibility would be to create a local mailbox of things I want to import and move the messages from the IMAP account to this mailbox, hoping the MailTags information is preserved. Would you recommend such an approach?


No, you cannot import .emlx files directly. And you probably wouldn’t want to, since just importing the .emlx files would lead to corrupt messages.

Yes, that’s the recommended approach until EagleFiler supports IMAP importing directly.

EagleFiler 1.1 can now import IMAP messages from Apple Mail.

Thanks a lot. I now need to spend some time thinking about what feature I would really like :wink: