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Importing mail from Outlook for Mac

So I’m toying with switching over to Outlook. To my surprise, Eaglefiler seems to be even better at importing mail from Outlook than from Apple Mail. Meaning: You can just drag and drop existing folders to preserve the mail hierarchy, without going into the Library. Also, F1 support works! (Not sure why this surprises me, but it does.)

Is there anything I should be aware of about potential incompatibility between Outlook and Eaglefiler?

On my Mac, Outlook does not support drag and drop of folder hierarchies, just single selected folders. The recommended way to import is via the capture key, since this will preserve metadata that Outlook discards when you use drag and drop. This will preserve the mailbox names, and there are ways to import from multiple folders at once.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Nope. They should work great together.

I was misusing “hierarchies.” I’m happy to be able to drag and drop folders. (In fact I now realize that F1 works with Apple Mail folders. I thought I had to go into the finder to preserve them qua folders.)

Yes, capturing from Apple Mail will preserve the mailboxes. To be clear, you need to select the messages that you want to import. For example, if you select only two messages and press F1, EagleFiler will import those two messages, rather than the whole mailbox (even though the mailbox is selected in the other pane).