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Importing Mail

I have been working on getting years of email into Eagle Filer and I am getting closer to completion :slight_smile:

I thought I hit the F1 key for all of the various email folders. Yet when I click on the Records icon, I see Mailboxes and Messages. Am I only supposed to see mailboxes with an F1 import from Apple Mail?

Maybe I don’t understand entirely what I see when clicking Records?



The Records source shows everything in the library: all the files, folders, mailboxes, and messages. If you don’t want to see the messages, you could use the Unfiled source to view just the top-level non-folders, or uncheck Show ‣ Messages in Records Source.

Thanks that helps a great deal!

Thanks. I just thought I somehow, mistakingly added the eml files in there.


.eml files are not considered be messages and will always show up in Records (and Unfiled). EagleFiler will (by default) create a .eml file if you import from a mailbox that only has one message in it.