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Importing mails from Postbox

Hi Michael

I export Postbox mails in .eml files. After import in EagleFiler I have the text but no images. If I click on the “trombone” to see the images, it opens Postbox but not the mail.

When I import the same .eml file in Together, I have everything, text and images, the mail is the same as the one in Postbox. Would it be possible to have the same function for EagleFiler ?

Thanks for your help.

You can use EagleFiler’s Quick Look window to view the OS-generated preview of the message. EagleFiler’s main window uses its own mail display engine, which is in some ways more advanced, but it does not yet support images.

Clicking the paperclip is equivalent to double-clicking the file to open it. You can control which application opens a file (or a type of file) by using the Finder’s Get Info command (and the Change All button). Apple Mail can display individual .eml files, whereas Postbox cannot, so you might want to change the default opener for .eml files to Mail.

Thank you for your response. I did not know about quick look in Eagle Filer and it works. But I still want to have the whole mail in EF… be able to export images, etc.

To open it in Mail is much too slow for me because I don’t use Mail.

I’m working on it.