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importing problem

I tried to import a folder with nested folders, and the program hung-up multiple times and I couldn’t empty the trash.
I kept having to force quit, then delete the index.
It would index again and get hung on some files, saying it couldn’t find them.
Clicking the x in the activity viewer would not make it stop.
I would wait 10 minutes before force quiting.

So, finally I just copied the folder of EagleFiler files and deleted everything of EagleFiler.
Thought I’d start from scratch and just drag the files it allowed before, into it’s drop pad.
One file came up it would not understand which it origanally filed.
It allowed me to find it in the finder and move on.

But now it is stuck on a file it had imported, a movie file, and the x in activity window will not let me stop the activitiy.
The other window that is up says, The Movie File “Orig_00150600.IETemp” cannot be found. Without this file, the movie cannot play properly.
This window has the option to cancel or search. Neither work.

I am about to have to force quit the program even though it does not say it is not responding this time, as it was before when I had to finally uninstall the program. I’ve been waiting 20 mins since trying to click the x and the cancel / search button in the other window.


The hanging when importing and indexing sounds like bugs that I’ve fixed for the next version of EagleFiler. If you contact me via e-mail I’ll send you a beta version that should work better.

This was fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.1.