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Importing selected mails from Mail to EF when & Mail Acton is active : error


I am new to EagleFiler that I “discover” few months after I bought the Back2Mail bundle. I think it is awesome.

I have one problem: I cannot select more than one email and import them in EagleFiler using the F1 key. I have an error about the window not been in front (or something like that as it is in french).
After tries and errors I found out that the problem was with the Mail Act-on floating windows : Actions,Inbox, and Recent emails.

Is there anyway around that because I think that filing emails one by one would be a pain and I do use Mail act-on?

Thank you

Thanks for the report. Please contact me via e-mail, and I’ll let you know if I find a way to work around those errors. Meanwhile, it may help to make the Mail window full screen (use View > Enter Full Screen) before pressing EagleFiler’s capture key.