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Importing ( sent ) apple mail messages, feature request

Hi Michael, I have been using your program for a few month now and it saves my life. However I am in mail most of the time, and mail messages are an important part of the information I want to file. ( Actually mail messages are often meta-information about the attached file )

Unfortunately if I want to keep track of the messages that I send myself by storing them in Eagelfiler I need to:

1/ send the message
2/ wait until is sent
3/ switch to “sent messages” in apple mail
4/ assuming the eaglefiler window is already open (waste of screen space ) drag it to the desired folders in the library
5/ open that folder
6/ select the message I just imported
7/ go to the bottom of the lower pane and type a tag name
8/ switch back to the apple mail inbox

Could you make the capture key import a message without creating a mailbox which ruins the neat logic of the Eagelfiler filing, and allow the capture key in an open message so one does not have to switch back and forth between “inbox” and “sent”.

I hoped the solution would be to buy MailTags and do everything in mail but it is dreadful, it slows mail down, makes it do strange things while you are typing, and wastes precious screen space. So… I am stuck with EagleFiler :slight_smile:


That’s a feature I’m working on.

I don’t think that would be technically possible.

You can save several steps by using Michael’s import-from-apple mail script:


Trigger the script with a keyboard shortcut ala’ FastScripts or LaunchBar and it will open a standard Import with Options Dialog. You need never drag-and-drop again.

Importing from Apple Mail

It works beautifully

You are very welcome, Etienne. I forgot to say that you will get “import with options” only if you change one line of the script as shown in http://c-command.com/forums/showthread.php/3347-Howto-Import-selected-Apple-Mail-Messages-with-Options

I’ve added this in EagleFiler 1.6.