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Importing sent messages from Outlook for the Mac on the fly

I got outlook for the Mac and I am setting it to work with EF. One of the things like like to do is to have all work mail that I send be captured in EF. I have a script that you created that does that for Apple Mail with MailTags. I have it invoked on all messages in Mail as an Outbox rule. I can have an Outbox rule in Outlook as well, but the existing script - http://c-command.com/scripts/eaglefiler/import-from-outlook - that you provide will not import categories; that is a problem for me, as all mail that I receive gets heavily categorized ones it lands in my inbox.

Is there a modified script that will allow me to import mail from Outlook where the import will include the categories (as it does right now if I do a manual capture)?



Not currently, but I could look into modifying the script to do that.

If you could, that would be great!