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Imports of different library/mail states (migration, avoid duplicates)


I am a new test user and am looking into buying EagleFiler.

In the summer, I had a data crash due to a defective SSD. My mail archive under


was damaged, but after copying it from /Users/myuser/Library/Mail/V… to a new Mac, it could unfortunately only be partially restored.

There are backups from previous years with partly identical mailbox structures under /Users/myuser/Library/Mail/V… Of course, in the course of time other mailboxes have been created and e-mails have been stored in them.

With the help of EagleFiler I would like to migrate all backup states with different but also identical contents to an offline mail archive. Since the individual backups contain partly identical data, I would like to avoid duplicates during the migration.


1st EF import from /Users/myuser/Library/Mail/V… from 2018.
2. EF import from /Users/myuser/Library/Mail/V… from 2019
3. EF import from /Users/myuser/Library/Mail/V… from 2020
4. EF import from /Users/myuser/Library/Mail/V… current status

Is there a recommended work-a-round for this?

Thank you very much for your help.

Many greetings,

I think this would need to be handled in several phases:

  1. Import each V# folder into EagleFiler into the same library.
  2. For each mailbox that exists in multiple years, merge the different versions of the mailbox.
  3. Remove the duplicates from each combined mailbox.

Thank you very much, I will test the procedure with test data and report back. Thank you for the support. :slight_smile: