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Impossible to import adresses

I have a list of hundred of email adresses and url’s on a txt file that I’d like to import and declare as spam. What is the format accepted ? Is it possible de declare both email adressed and URL’s. The list I got from my earlier spam filter was offering 3 solutions to declare as spam, blocking a classic email adress exemple@c-command.com , a domain *@c-command.com or IP adress. Can I do the same ?

Later, I’d like to easily mark a message as spam when received (as easily as I can do with the basic Thunderbird “junk” button, but once marked, I’d like that all the further messages coming from the same email adress or URL goes directly to the spam folder. This is not for classic spams but more for the hundreds of commercial adds I’m getting every week.

Is that really necessary? Do you actually (a) receive spam messages from the same addresses or containing the same URLs, and (b) SpamSieve doesn’t catch them on its own?

A text file containing e-mail addresses, separated by whitespace.

The Import Addresses feature is only for e-mail addresses. For URLs, you would need to create blocklist rules that match the message body. This could be automated via AppleScript, but personally I doubt that it would be helpful to block messages by URL.

Yes, you can create “Ends With” rules to block by domain, and you can match IP addresses in the Received header. However, in my experience this is generally unnecessary. It’s easier and just as effective to let SpamSieve figure out what to do by training it.

When you mark a message as junk, SpamSieve automatically adds the e-mail address to its blocklist. I’m not sure what you mean about a message being “from” a URL.

I use with thunderbird 2. Now, email adresses are well imported to my black list, but email adresses like “*@example.com” are not recognized, it’s hard to import 100+ adresses one by one with the “end by” rule…

Now, the problem is that emails from spammers on the blacklist are still coming to my inbox. They must be recognized as junk and move to the junk folder.

It’s OK when I receive a spam for the first time, and press “junk”, it moves to the junk folder and the sender is registred in the black list but a new message from the same sender stays in the inbox…

I have installed the Thunderbird plug in, but I can’t go to “preferences” from the Thunderbird plugins…

That’s because that’s not a valid e-mail address.

Again, I really don’t think that’s necessary. If you find yourself wanting to create Ends With rules on the blocklist, it’s probably because something isn’t setup properly.

It sounds like there’s a setup problem. What does SpamSieve’s log say about those messages?

I’m not sure what you’re expecting to see. The preferences are in Account Settings in Thunderbird and in SpamSieve’s Preferences window.

Sorry but it’s too complicate to examine the complete log. Messages marked as junk are not recognized as junk in the next message from the same sender, I have checked all the parameters, read all your links but I can’t spend more time on it.

You don’t have to examine the complete log. You could open the log in Console and watch it. For example, if you train a message as spam, does a “Trained: Spam” entry get added to the bottom of the log? If you then run Thunderbird’s junk mail controls on that message, does a “Predicted” entry get added to bottom of the log? If not, there’s a setup problem in Thunderbird.

For example, perhaps “Do not mark mail as junk if the sender is in” is checked, so that Thunderbird is classifying some junk messages as good without consulting SpamSieve. Or perhaps junk filtering isn’t enabled in each “Junk Settings” section of the “Account Settings” sheet. It’s hard to know where the problem is without seeing screenshots of how you have it setup.

OK, finally I have tested on Apple Mail and it works fine, so I moved to the Apple software.

My last question remains about the list I have marked as “@example.com". I will enter these adresses one by one but what symbol is accepted by SpamSieve to remplace the "” to declare as junk “any” from the same domain ? I have removed the original emails so I can’t remember the name of the sender to replace “*”

Unfortunately, I really need to enter theses adresses, I don’t receive much classic spam, but my adresses have been sold on many mailing lists, I have hundreds of different senders that send one mail every month or less, but in the end it’s a nightmare.


Instead of using a symbol, choose “Ends with” in the Match Style column, e.g.:

From (address) Ends with @example.com

Ok it works fine ! I will buy your software !
Please just confirm if the “export corpus” makes a full back up of the black and white list. If not, let me know what file I have to save.

Export Corpus does not include the rules, and it is not intended for backups. To make a backup of all the training data, make a copy of the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/

(You can skip History.db if you don’t want to backup the statistics.)