Inability to train emails as Spam when in All Junk folder

I’ve just upgraded to SpamSieve 3. Before, although most spam emails would correctly go to the Spam folder, some would end up in the Junk folder. I was always able to select them and train then as spam, after which they would move to the Spam folder. Now, if I select them and click on ‘train as spam’ nothing happens. The train as good command works, and the train as spam command works in any other folder, as far as I can soo - just not the Junk folder. How can I fix this?

It sounds like you probably weren’t using it correctly before. If you had SpamSieve set to move the incoming spam messages to the Spam mailbox, any messages going to Junk were probably moved there by a server junk filter before they got to your Mac. So those were not SpamSieve mistakes and should not have been trained as spam.

I strongly recommend configuring the special Junk mailbox in Mail to be the one that your server filter uses and to also set SpamSieve to use that same mailbox. Then all the spam messages will go to the same place (although they will have different coloring).

As to your specific question, are you saying that when you choose Train as Spam literally nothing happens? The message doesn’t change color? You don’t get a Trained: Spam (Manual) entry at the bottom of the Log window? Or, if the only issue is that the message doesn’t move, SpamSieve has never moved a trained message if it was already in the location selected for trained spam messages. Do you have that set to Junk or Spam?

Thanks very much. It was set to move emails to the Spam mailbox because that’s what I was told to do by SpamSieve originally! I see that’s changed now, so I have changed it. By ‘nothing happening’, I meant they didn’t move - I didn’t notice whether they changed colour, but I think they might have done. They are recorded as being trained in the log. Thank you! I think everything should be OK now.