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Inbox missing creating Rules

Hi all, (a newbie with an issue here),
I have set up the InboxSpamSieve folder in each email folder. (All email addresses are IMAP)
I have created a new rule for email address No 1 and it works fine.
I have tried to create a new rule for email address No 2 but when I select the dropdown to select the correct email inbox, that inbox is not shown. So I click the “Choose Folder” option but no matter what I type, I still can’t see the inbox for email address No 2.
I can see that inbox in my Outlook (version 16.45 - MS 365) and it receives/sends all email fine.
I am running an iMac, late 2012, with Catalina version 10.15.7
There are many folders which show (On My Computer) inboxes but not sure if that’s an issue or that if there is a limited number that can be displayed.
I have tried deleting and then adding that email inbox again but still no joy.
Any /suggestions/solutions would be most appreciated.
Many thanks

Are you trying to select the account’s inbox next to Folder (Step 7) or the InboxSpamSieve folder next to Move Message (Step 8)?

Could you post (or private message me) a screenshot showing what happens when you click Choose Folder… and type inbox?

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Hi Michael, it is the account’s inbox next to Folder (Step) 7.
For step 8, I can find the SpamSieveInbox for that email address.
How do I PM you please?

You can click on my name and then the blue Message button.

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Thanks Michael, sadly that option does not show, I’ll try it in Chrome.
Nope, it doesn’t show in Chrome either!

Sorry, I think the forum wasn’t letting you do that because your account was new/untrusted. Please try it again now.

Thank you, screen shot sent now.