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Incompatible plugin

On an Imac OSx 10.5.4 I have been trialling Spamsieve 2.7.1 for some days now with success on Entourage. However i need to change from that to Thunderbird 3.0A1 and when i try to install the Plug-in Tbird tells me that it is incompatible

Can you help please?

Regards Len

Sorry, but Thunderbird 3 is not one of the supported mail programs. I don’t know whether Thunderbird 3 will ever work with SpamSieve. Something has changed in their codebase so that it will no longer load junk plug-ins (even after they’ve been updated for 3.x), and we don’t know where the problem is. Of course, Thunderbird 3 is still in alpha, so this could easily change.

What a pity, thanks for the speedy reply

Regards Len