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Inconsistent Search Results

I’ve discovered an inconsistency in search results (I think).

When I search for openbsd with the search field set to “Anywhere” a file with the Title “The OpenBSD 4.0 Crash Course” and File name “OpenBSD Crash Course” is missed in the results.

When I do the search for openbds with the search field set to “Title” the file is successfully located.

Changing capitalization does not affect the results.

Is this a bug or do I not understand how search results are generated?



I changed the title of one of my documents to “The OpenBSD 4.0 Crash Course”, then searched for “openbsd” and EagleFiler found the document. So I think this works. Just as some background, Title searches work differently from Anywhere searches. A Title search looks at the exact title of the records, whereas an Anywhere search is a word-based search that uses an index.

As I said, an Anywhere search should be able to find “openbsd”, though there are a few caveats. First, there will be a slight delay between the time when a record is added (or the title is changed) and when that record is up-to-date in the index. This is usually about 10–15 seconds. Second, it’s possible that your index file is damaged so that EagleFiler was not able to index the document, or so that the document is in the index but can’t be found. If you close the library and delete the Indexes/Records.efindex file inside the .eflibrary, EagleFiler will rebuild the index the next time you open the library. Please try that and let me know whether it helps.

I did a "Show Contents on the .eflibrary and deleted Indexes/Records.efindex and sure enough after EagleFiler reindexed the Library it now appears with both searches.

Would there be any value in a menu option to verify and/or rebuild that file? It’s not a big deal to me to do go in and do that, but other users might find that unfriendly.

Thanks for the tip. (Which has been duly recorded in EagleFiler, perhaps paradoxically :slight_smile: )


Yeah, that would probably be a good idea. There isn’t really a way to verify the index, but I could certainly make rebuilding it easier.

As of EagleFiler 1.2 you can now do this by holding down the Command and Option keys when opening the library.