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incorrect settings ?

Hello everyone. Long ago, I tried to understand how SpamSieve needs adjustment. So I translated into French the instructions provided by Mickaël. But now I realize that I do not understand how this software works.
** I implore the help of a bilingual user (EN, FR) **.
Strangely, I have two boxes of “storage” Spam. One is set in the parameters SpamSieve (still in learning mode) and another Apple system while he is off the parameters of the Mail application. It contains all spams from only one e-mail account (of the four I have). SpamSieve apparently can not handle it.
Mac OS 10.9.4

( Sorry dealing with Google translator )

First, I want to be clear that SpamSieve does not have a “learning mode.” It is always filtering and always learning.

This page talks a bit about the Junk mailbox in Apple Mail. You can see it even if Apple Mail’s junk filter is off, because you may have a junk filter running on your server. Server junk filters move spam messages out of your inbox before they get to your Mac. So Mail rules, including SpamSieve, do not process them at all. These messages are not SpamSieve mistakes, and they do not need to be trained as spam. There is a script for if you do want SpamSieve to process those messages, i.e. to find good messages that the server mistakenly put in the Junk mailbox.