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Increase in uncaught health-related, sexual performance, and Russian women spam

SpamSieve is doing a fine job sending 100 to 200 spam messages to my Spam folder every day.

However, I long for the days when SpamSieve caught all but a couple of spam messages per day. For the past month or so, 1 to 2 dozen spam messages show up in my Inbox (which is fed by 29 email accounts). The great majority of these uncaught spam messages are for health/fitness and male sexual performance topics, with occasional spurts of offers to met lonely Russian women.

Having so many email accounts often makes these messages easier to recognize because I’ll get the same message in 2 to 5 of my accounts at the same time, often with different sender names.

I faithfully use Train as Spam to remove these unwanted messages from my Inbox. But that doesn’t appear to help SpamSieve catch similar messages.

Are these spammers getting more clever?

Is there something I can do to help SpamSieve catch these annoying messages?

– Ward

I’m not hearing other reports like this, so there may be something that needs to be fixed on your Mac. Please use the “Save Diagnostic Report” command in the Help menu and send me the report file.