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Index in Place

I am evaluating EagleFiler to use with or replace DevonThink.

Has index in place been implemented in the most current version of EagleFiler as of 1 Sep 2018?

I have an elaborate file structure in Dropbox that organizes my files by project folder. Some of these project folders are quite large. I would like to use EF to manage and access these folders.

I have three computers in different locations that need access to the project folders. Thus, I use Dropbox.

If I follow, I could set up an alias on each machine to the top(?) directory as an EF library and that alias would be on the local computer(s).

Or I could locate EF’s Files folder in Dropbox and move, within EF, all of the project folders into that structure.

I have not had much luck with symlinks in Dropbox; it’s too easy for files to get out or sync.

I am trying to avoid duplicating folders and files and trying to implement my folder structure easily for use with EF.

Thank you.

Currently each file must be physically in the Files folder in EagleFiler library’s folder. However, you can redirect that folder (or a subfolder) using an alias or symlink.

Yes, either of those approaches can work.