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Indexing Scrivener?

I realise this is 10 years old, but still it looks valid for me
I use scrivener for my manuscripts (fiction) and for gathering ANYTHING (url, from clipboard, pictures, thoughts) that might go into the plots. There is no problem to find that inside scrivener but testing the usefulness of EF for me in general, it is a natural wish that it would be very nice to only have one place where I search from.
to add every single bit first to scrivener and the remembering to put into EF for indexing, is not part of a desired workflow.
I have tried it out by adding one scrivener file, it shows up when searching in EF but only by its filename not by any content. my scrivener projects may exceed 2GB (afterall disk capacity is cheap)

is there any way that EF could come to look into and index content of scrivener projects?

I am a seasoned IT nerd, that used to love juggling all these windowsprograms, but those days have passed since my hair got gray and I changed to Mac. Now when I get an inspiration I usually make it happen, without deeper knowledge of how the software did it.

So Michael: is it a (future) possibility to include scrivener content…or???

kind regards


ps I am still investigating having index on my SSD and ‘data’ on my raid. and the inherent possibility that everything may exist this on the raid volume

Scrivener does have a Spotlight importer now, and at least on my Mac it seems to work to make the whole content of the file searchable in EagleFiler (when Anywhere is selected). Are you able to find the document in question when searching the Finder with Spotlight? If not, perhaps the problem is that the folder is excluded from Spotlight. Secondly, if you make a small test Scrivener document, can you search its contents in EagleFiler?

I tried that after adding Anywhere in spotlight.
I made a small scrivener example and put one file there with a very specific word in it (pooltable). the I added this scrivener file to EF by dragging. I also added the specific fil manually by dragging.

spotlight will find this word, including the file inside EF… OK
EF searc for this word will show and highligt the word in the specific file dragged into EF… OK
EF search will also include the complete scrivener project but will not highlight the word, even when its in the first 3 lines of text. EF will tell you that the word you search for is in this project but not highlight it??? I gather since EF ‘knows’ the word is there it might as well show it to me!.. not so ok.

But even if it did, how do I know, if it happens at all that EF will sync the eventual changes I make in Scrivener to that project?

I have begun to use/ tryout Aeon Timeline 2, and this tool will actually let you import a scrivener project or parts of it and has the capacity to sync AEON after you have made changes in scrivener (and I guess vice versa).
Maybe such a facility is outside the scope of EF? but it would sure be very nice and useful to have: Adding a scrivener project to EF, and the feature to sync to/from scrivener… well these are my findings after the holydays :slight_smile:
kind regards

The issue here is that EagleFiler is using Scrivener’s Quick Look plug-in to display the project, and this does not have the flexibility for EagleFiler to tell it what to highlight.

No syncing should be necessary because the file is stored in EagleFiler’s folder. So any changes that you save from Scrivener are going into that same file.

does that mean that IF i start up a new Scrivenerproject from inside EF folder then it will work and sync when I add/ update data? If so i could choose this approach for new projects!? Then I’ll have to decide what to do with existing large scrivener projects (2GB+) but could drag each individual into EF if that will get me the best of EF and Scriveren


Yes, and for existing projects you could quit Scrivener and then move the files into EagleFiler’s Files folder.

OK I will find time and check that out… See if it really works for me, for my way of managing info and input.

checked the use of URL content, it only worked well when i stopped LittleSnitch… the highlighting of searched for words on a ‘live’ URL is cool, but I will rather keep Littlesnitch ON and then continue to use copy-pasted content. Live URL may go dead, or get changed so original content / truth is lost… but nice to know how to make that work.
kind regards and thank you for your replies


Web archives sometimes reference secondary content that’s online. If you want EagleFiler to stay offline, you can use another format such as PDF or Rich Text.