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Installation Problems in Eudora

I’m running the latest version of Tiger and have gone through all the installation steps for Eudora 6.2 without a hitch. Until I get to choosing preferences in Eudora and trying to find that pane at the bottom. It’s not there so I can’t train this application and I’ve turned off Eudora’s junk preferences as per the instructions and am now being inundated with the stuff.

Either I need:

  1. Instructions on how to fix this.


  1. How to dump it and go back to what I had, which is better than what I have now.

Derek Boles

Did you enable the Esoteric Settings plug-in, as shown in Step 2? Do you see it when you choose “About Message Plug-ins”?

I don’t see “Esoteric Settings.” I do see Spam Sieve.

Derek Boles

Training Spam Sieve
Your training instructions indicate that one should pick any mailbox and select messages and then identify them as either JUNK or NOT JUNK. the only problem is that there is no way to identify the JUNK as JUNK because it’s already identified as such and the option to further identify it is blanked out.

It’s the same story with the legitimate email.

Am I in some kind of parallel universe here? I follow installation instructions exactly. I even print out the instructions so I can do so. Why is nothing working for me?

Derek Boles

Eudora Again
I installed SpamSieve on my MacBook just to see if the same problems occurred.

Yes, they did. And it’s not a mirror of the iMac where I first had these problems.

Derek Boles

The way it’s supposed to work is that you enable the Esoteric Settings plug-in, which adds the Junk Extras pane in Eudora’s preferences, which lets you select “Always enable Junk/Not Junk menu items.” (See the screenshot below.) I’ve never heard of this not working before.

I just checked, and on my Mac it does not show Esoteric Settings in About Message Plug-ins, so I guess it’s not supposed to be there.

Are you using Eudora 6.2.4? I don’t know what to suggest other than trying to install a fresh copy of Eudora into a clean Mac OS X user account.

Also, it’s not strictly necessary to use “Always enable Junk/Not Junk menu items,” since you’ll still be able to mark messages as Junk/Not Junk that SpamSieve put in the wrong mailbox.

How to get Junk Extras to show up in Eudora Prefs
I spent a couple of hours trying to get the Esoteric Settings to ‘take’ in Eudora 6.2.4 in Mac OS 10.4.11. The get info in the Finder method of enabling plug-ins said it was enabled - but there was no ‘Junk Extras’ option in Eudora Prefs no matter how often eudora (and/or the machine even) was restarted.
Eventually I hit on a working solution. In the Get Info window of the Eudora application, I highlighted the existing (and checked) Esoteric Settings 6.0 plug in, and clicked ‘remove’ - then dismissed the warning. Then I opened the Trash, and moved the Esoteric Settings Plugin (which had just been put there when I clicked ‘remove’) to a safe findable place on the Mac - I just put it in the Documents Folder. I quit and retstarted Eudora, checked mail, then quit from Eudora again - this might or might not be necessary, probably not, but it’s what I did. (I should also mention that I had already moved a file called ‘Esoteric Settings 4.0’ out of the Eudora Folder - the one that lives in the Documents Folder - but that made no difference on its own and might have nothing to do with anything).
Next, I did a Get Info on the Eudora Application, and in the plug-ins section, this time I clicked ‘Add’; at the prompt I found the Esoteric Settings plug-in I’d rescued from Trash and put in the Docs folder, and clicked to install.
On relaunching Eudora - the Junk Extras was there in the Preferences panel. This is important for training SpamSieve, because without altering the setting in that pref pane, the only way you can mark messages as ‘Not Junk’ in Eudora is by having placed them in the Junk folder already. This way you can select lots of good messages in working inboxes as ‘Not Junk’ to train the filters.