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Installed Mavericks now "Train as Spam" "Train as Good" scripts don't work in outlook

Installed Mavericks now “Train as Spam” “Train as Good” scripts don’t work in outlook

Thanks for your support!

I’ve not heard any other reports of problems like that, so it’s likely related to your particular Mac. So that I can look into this, please describe what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen instead. Were any errors reported?

Thanks for quick response
I updated to Mavericks a few days ago. I believe things were working fine and yesterday I noticed (not sure when this started to happen) i could not execute “Train as Good” or Train as bad command in Outlook…I have no idea what to do.


What does “could not execute” mean? Are the commands not there? Are they there, but they don’t do what you expect (what did you expect to happen, what happened instead)?

I see the scripts in outlook but when I press control/command/s or control/command/g nothing happens at all

Do you see the keyboard shortcuts in the menu?

Do the menu commands work via the mouse?

Are you sure that nothing happened—for example, did you check the log?

What I was trying to say is that I see the rules and scripts installed in outlooked (double checked this) but that when I hit command ctrl s or command ctrl g nothing happens. I suspected it had something to do with Mavericks but I’m not sure. Any help will be very appreciated. I did reboot twice and it still doesn’t help.


I’m using SpamSieve 2.9.12 with Outlook 2011 on an iMac…

The train as spam and train as good short cuts no longer work. I do see the shortcuts on the scripts menu in outlook. The commands do not work via the mouse. I am sure that nothing happened because I checked the log. Do you have any other suggestions…


I suggest that you choose “Install Outlook Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu. This will install fresh copies of the scripts in case the ones you have are damaged.

If you still can’t get it to work, please contact me via e-mail so that I can get you a debug build of SpamSieve to try to find the source of the problem.

Thanks for your quick reply. I chose “Install Outlook Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu and got this message:
“Outlook Scripts Installed
If you have not already done so, you should now follow the instructions in the “Setting Up Outlook” section of the manual to create Outlook rules for SpamSieve.”

I hit OK and Finder Opens up with the Script folder. I then double clicked on one of the scripts which opened the script in AppleScript Editor. When I hit run in the AppleScript Editor the script does what I expect with the highlighted message. But when I hold down the short cut keys or click on the script in the script menu nothing happens.

It’s strange that running the script in AppleScript Editor would behave differently from running the script in Outlook. Does Outlook report any errors in the Console?

No there are no errors in the console. Do you have any suggestions? Is there a way to start from scratch?

This page shows where the Outlook scripts are stored, so that you can delete them and install fresh copies. Or, like I said, you can contact me via e-mail, and I can send you a debug version of SpamSieve to help track down the problem.

I sent rsandor a beta version of what became SpamSieve 2.9.13 and did not hear anymore reports of problems, so I think this was resolved.