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Instruction for PostBox are incorrect

The instructions for installing SpamSieve to work with PostBox are incorrect. I am using PostBox 2.1.1 and the instructions say to open PostBox, go to the Tools menu, then select AddOns. Well, there is no such menu item.

So, is there any other way to install SpamSieve in PostBox?

The Mac App Store version of Postbox does not support plug-ins, so it cannot work with SpamSieve. However, if you purchased Postbox from the Mac App Store you can download the full version of Postbox and use that with SpamSieve.

Next challenge…
Thank you Michael. I downloaded the “correct” version of PostBox from their website and was able to install SpamSieve. But now in PostBox I don’t see the options for training as I did in Mail with “Train as good” and “Train as spam.” In fact, I can’t find - anywhere in PostBox where the SpamSieve settings or training is located.

It uses the regular Postbox commands and settings. It’s all explained in the Setting up Postbox section of the manual.

Thank you!
Just one more question… (this has been VERY helpful and appreciated):

The instructions say that I can select a message and click on the “Junk” or “Not Junk” in the toolbar, which would be much easier than having to go the menu bar. The problem is that there is no “junk” or “not junk” icons in the tool bar. And I don’t see a way to add them.

You’re right: it doesn’t look like this is currently possible. However, you can click in the junk status column of the message list to train a message as good (if it’s currently marked as spam) or as spam (if it’s currently marked as good).

It is possible. You have to customize the toolbar to include the Junk button (which will change to “Not Junk” when you have a junk message selected). Control-click or right-click on the toolbar and choose “Customize Toolbar…”