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Instructions on using SpamSieve with Airmail?


I know we have come a long way with getting SpamSieve finally compatible with AirMail. Of course, not your fault – it was getting the AirMail team to allow coded support.

I am finally attempting to replace Apple Mail with AirMail.

Trying to figure out how to use SpamSieve with the AirMail application.

It seems as if I don’t have to go through the setup process I had with Apple Mail. I have the latest version of SpamSieve installed, I launch AirMail, and it seems that there are options (Train as good or spam) available to me when I right click on a email message.

So far am I correct?

So, the question is, where does all the Spam mail go? In Apple Mail you actually have to create a Spam Mail folder and a rule to send SpamSieve flagged spam there.

None of that, as far as I can see, is being done in AirMail.

I would like a folder for all my spam mail to show up in, just in case something is wrongly flagged as spam.

I realize you posted a very good setup tutorial for AirMail. I cannot immediately locate it.

If you could answer the folder question above and include a link to that tutorial so I and others may refresh ourselves, it would be appreciated.

In the meantime, our utmost thanks for making this the best spam filter on the Mac platform.

Please see Setting Up Airmail.

It should go to the Spam mailbox in Airmail. This is towards the bottom of the Airmail window (between To Read and Important on my Mac).

Hi Michael!

I am using the latest BETA release. There is no spam filter at the bottom between the two points.

Did find a JUNK filter where I found some spam messages, but oddly those same messages on Apple Mail also went into its junk folder (rather than the spam folder), so I am not certain that was real SpamSieve spam.

It wasn’t the Junk folder you were referring to, was it?

Thanks as always for your assistance.

My comments were based on the release version of Airmail, 1.3.2 (231). In the current beta, version 1.4 (336), it looks like Airmail calls it Junk. In any case, I am referring to the mailbox whose icon is a circle with a slash.