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Integration with RocketBox

It would be great to either integrate EagleFiler (mail storage) with RocketBox, or to develop a similar interface…

It seems unlikely that EagleFiler would integrate with RocketBox since that product is designed to work with Apple Mail. However, I certainly plan to expand EagleFiler’s search features. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, please let me know.

The RocketBox interface is quite good, and I understand is being updated to include MailTags. Although it operates off of Apple Mail, I imagine it in theory could be extended to work off other databases.

That being said, a similar interface would work well: all tags listed with checkboxes, and a selection for and/or on those tags. Similarly, all recipients and senders with multi-select, to/from/any switches and an and/or switch. A textbox to search for subject or message body.