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Interesting: can't close or quit!

I’ve just gotten into a situation in which I can neither close nor quit EF. I created a new library called “Writing Notes”, and now have two identical windows open with the same header. Trying to “close” the library under the EF menu or “quit” from the dock doesn’t work. The “quite EagleFiler” menu option is grayed out. I can’t minimize the windows either. Whatever I try to do I just get the alert sound (beep). The “force quit” option doesn’t show up on the dock, either-- it actually looks like the app is running, I just can’t do anything with it.

It’s still running in case you want a screenshot or something, Michael. Let me know. This hasn’t happened before.

I’ve seen this once in EagleFiler and several times in other apps, and another EagleFiler user has reported this a few times (and also seen it in other apps). I’m not sure what causes it. Could you check the console.log and see if there are any messages from EagleFiler there? Force-quitting EagleFiler should be safe. Please let me know if it happens again and, especially, if you learn anything about the circumstances in which it occurs.